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Poker Paris: gift idea to make
Create, customize and order your Poker T-Shirt



Poker Paris: Create, customize and order your Poker T-Shirt


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Welcome to Poker Paris. Stand out from the crowd or offer a totally original gift. High quality products with brands like Puma, American Apparel, Dickies Patrick, etc.

An original Poker T-Shirt for your future Poker evenings.

Choose a model amongst numerous articles, modify and customize the text, style and colours to suit your taste.

Unique T-Shirts to suit your own particular style. If you want, send your own graphic or logo. Create your very own T-Shirt.

Also take a look in our T-Shirt Store with T-Shirts to finish customising. You can modify the front, the back, the sleeves... with the text of your choice.


Plot Printing : flock and flex

Plot printing offers high quality and high value printing results. The print is long-lasting and the colours will never fade.

Plot printing is available as flock and flex printing. Flock is smooth and slightly raised . Flex is smooth a nd shines a bit like vinyl.

Digital printing :

Digital printing offers very good printing results : designs can be printed in full and in full colour . Digital printing is smooth and comfortable to the touch.

This printing process offers you great flexibility: you could buy or sell your first shirt today. There is no processing time and no setup costs . The material, however, is not made to last forever. With time, the colours will fade with washing.